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Reference price of Syriatel share is SYP 7188.63
Syriatel Discloses its Audited Annual Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year ended on 31/12/2013
Publish Date: 22/04/2014
Syriatel Mobile Telecom had announced its business's results for the fiscal year ended on 31/12/2013. Results showed an increase in the net revenue that exceeded 58.5 billion SYP, with a growth rate of 3.37% compared to 2014.
The operating profits decreased to be 5.3 billion SYP, and thus the basic dividend for each share from net operating profits attributable to the company's shareholders is 161.02 SYP.
For further details about financial results, its related clarifications, and the report of inspector of accounts please visit the Financial Statements Section.