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Reference price of Syriatel share is SYP 7188.63
Syriatel Publishes the Financial Statements for the First Quarter of 2016
Publish Date: 17/07/2016

Syriatel Mobile Telecom has published the interim financial statements for the period ended on 31/03/2016, as Syriatel’s revenue has achieved during the first quarter of 2016 a growth of more than 41.04% in comparison with the same period of 2015 and overcame by that 26.3 billion SYP, from which more than 8.51 billion SYP were deducted for the account of the State general treasury which represent Syrian Government’s revenue share and added to it the interconnect costs with the Syrian Telecom Company.
The net revenue attributable to the shareholders has decreased during the first quarter of 2016 by 8.87% and it overcame 7.8 billion SYP, and thus the basic dividend for each share from net profits attributable to the company's shareholders is 232.7 SYP, knowing that the revenue per share has reached 187.49 SYP after excluding the profits resulted from the unrealized currency translation income.
To review the financial statements and the report of inspector of accounts, please visit the Financial Statements Section.
You can also find Syriatel's financial statements and the report of inspector of accounts on the Syrian Commission of Financial Markets and Securities' website www.scfms.sy