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Reference price of Syriatel share is SYP 7188.63
Frequent Asked Questions
How can I know a share price?
You can get Syriatel share price by one of below methods:
1- Call the unit of shareholder relations
2- Shareholders relations official website
3- Syriatel *111# services list

How can I register to purchase or buy shares in Syriatel and is there a minimum purchase?
You can by calling us, sending an email with your full name and shares numbers to be sold or purchased and the price, you can also register by sign the purchase or sale order on the website and send it to us by fax. Knowing that the minimum purchase is 5 shares.

How is Syriatel shares trading mechanism?
As Syriatel is currently not listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange, the trading and assignment process takes place at the Shareholders' Relations Office under the supervision of the Registrar of Shareholders.
The mechanism can be explained by dividing it into several stages:
1- The investor records the sale or purchase order and specifies the amount of shares, price and contact information
2- Purchase orders and sales offers are placed on a special program where bids and orders are matched in terms of price first and then the date of registration, where priority is to offer the lowest bid and the highest bid.
3- The shareholders' relations department will contact the buyers and sellers to set a date for the completion of the trading process.
4- At the time of trading, the instrument of assignment is signed by the parties in the presence of the Registrar of Shareholders and the payment of the value of the shares sold directly from the buyer to the seller, and here we confirm that the shareholder relations department is not a party to the sale or purchase and does not constitute an intermediary for the transfer of funds.
5- The ownership of the shares is transferred to the register of shareholders, and new certificates of ownership are issued with the new balances to be delivered within 7 working days from the date of signing the instrument of assignment.
6- The Investor Relations Department announces the last price of the trading transactions directly on the website

Can a minor person purchase shares?
Yes, anyone under the age of 18 can be a stockholder at Syriatel and shall be represent by his guardian (his father only) in selling process, buying and receiving profits.
In case of his father death, he shall be represented by legal guardian under a legitimate guardianship from the Shariaa judge.

Should I come in person during the trading or assignment process?
In case of sale: You must attend in person or delegate another person under a public or private agency organized by a justice clerk in Syria, provided that the term "sell the shares of Syriatel Mobile Telecom" is mentioned.
In case of purchase: This is done either by personal presence, a public or private agency, or by a purchase authorization arranged in the shareholder relations section of the person who wishes to buy.

Is there a commission for the sale and purchase?
There is no commission, there is a stamp fee of 575 SYP for each party divided into 500 SYP for a stamp duty, 25 pounds for a local administration stamp, 50 pounds for a national reconstruction contribution.

When dividends are distributed?
Dividends are distributed annually and are usually distributed in the second quarter of the year, after the meeting of the General Assembly of Syriatel, where the meeting determine the profit distributable per share, and the process of distribution of profits by bank checks within 30 days from the date of approval of the distribution of profits in all Syrian provinces.
You can view the dates of the General Assembly's meetings and dividend distributions through the share information page.

How much is the profit percentage?
The profit rate varies from one shareholder to another depending on the share purchase price. It can be said that the distributed profit ratio ranged between 13% and 20% for the shareholders who subscribed to the shares at the time of the public offering and the share price was then 400 SYP.
The profit ratio is calculated as follows: (distributed profit÷ share purchase price) × 100

What is the benefit of owning Syriatel shares?
The benefit earned by the shareholder from owning Syriatel's shares is in two parts:
The first is in a form of operating profit and it is the result of company's business during the year represented by annual profits distributed to shareholders. Dividends vary from year to year based on the net profit of the company on the one hand and what The General Assembly of shareholders decision at its annual meeting on the other hand.

How is Syriatel share price determined?
Syriatel's share price is determined by the strength of supply and demand. When the selling offers are more than the purchase orders, the price of the shares falls, and vice versa when the purchase orders are more than the sales offers, the price is determined based on the price set by the shareholder in purchase and sale order then Investor Relations Department will announce the new price once the trades are completed.

If I own Syriatel's share and I would like to give it to one of my relatives, what should I do?
In case that any shareholder wishes to give up his shares to any person or purchase shares from a person he knows, he shall contact the Shareholders Relations Department to set a specific date for completion of this assignment in the Shareholders Relations Section and fees of 575 SYP are paid from each party

Can Syriatel shares be traded in the provinces instead of coming to the company's headquarters in Damascus?
The instructions stipulate that the transfer of shares shall take place at the company's headquarters in Damascus, where a sales council shall be held, attended by the seller and the buyer or their duly appointed representative, in the presence of the shareholders register.
Therefore, the seller or the buyer can trade the shares without the need for his personal presence in Damascus, in one of the following ways:
1- The person wishing to purchase shall delegate another person and he shall sign the contract of waiver in Damascus by visiting Syriatel point of Service to fill the signature of the purchase authorization that allows the authorized person to complete the purchase in Damascus.
2- A public or private agency shall be organized to sell or buy shares of Syriatel Mobile Telecom to writer in the governorate's justice, which allows the agent to complete the sale or purchase in Damascus.
3- In case of the presence of the parties to the assignment in the same province, the parties can visiting Syriatel point of Service in the province to complete the trading process under the supervision of the competent official, after coordinate with the shareholder relations department. The ownership of the shares and the issue of new certificates of ownership shall be transferred upon the arrival of the assignment deed to the Company's headquarters in Damascus.